Efion offers support for organization-building. We help organizations transition from family-owned, or founder-dependent to professionally managed, ready-for-scale and culturally integrated. Currently, we are focused on the SME (Small & Medium-sized Enterprises) sector in India.


  • To build a pan-India distributed network of organization-building experts.
  • To create collective knowledge in organization-building for the Indian context: frameworks, case-studies, platforms & learning resources.


Raul Espejo

Honorary Chairman

Raul is one of the world’s foremost experts in organisational cybernetics and is the author of four books and several landmark papers on the subject. He is the president of the World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics (WOSC) and is a beloved mentor in the field.


Sujay Dinnalli

Chief Scientific Officer

Sujay is an independent researcher & designer focussed on organisational systems, inclusive development, and the Global South. His approach is based on cyber-systemics and critical perspectives.

Chetan Velkur

Director, Frameworks & Practice

Chetan is a social entrepreneur passionate about growing opportunities in non-urban and semi-urban India. He is focused on simplifying organizational governance and culture-building in organizations.

Ushma Desai

Lead, Facilitation

Ushma is an Organization Development facilitator with a passion for the nuances of human communications. She is focused on integrating humanistic approaches in organizational practice.



Efion is part of the World Organization for Systems & Cybernetics (WOSC) community (https://wosc.world). We are involved in organising its triennial congress focused on cyber-systemic approaches to pressing global issues. We are regular participants in its periodic, cross-disciplinary webinar CSI (Cyber-Systemic Interactions), usually bringing in Indian / Global South perspectives.


Prof. Raul Espejo’s work over the decades is concerned with problem-solving in complex scenarios, especially using Viplan Methodology. Efion is involved in presenting this work as a learning resource to a wider audience of practitioners in the form of the syncho.org website.

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