Service Focus

Business Interest/Concern

Efion Frameworks at Play

Organization Identity

Sales, marketing, brand, positioning, value proposition, mergers & acquisitions

Identity Framework

Organization Structure

Performance, competitiveness, business structuring, roles & responsibilities, departments & functions, asset management

Structural Framework
Functional Maps
Complexity Maps

Information Processes

Knowledge management, information validity, information architecture, automation, business applications, technology adoption

Structural Framework
Functional Maps


Policymaking, cultural integration

Identity Framework
Language & Culture Framework


Employee experience, collaboration, innovation, team performance, leadership

Identity Framework
Language & Culture Framework


  1. Holistic Models – Organizational models must be capable of situating structural, economic, ecological and social aspects of organizational performance.

  2. Technology – Technology must beleveraged to not only improve productivity, but also enable growth, transparency, fairness and innovation.

  3. Socio-Cultural Factors – Society & culture have a strong effect on how individuals participate in organizations; facilitation helps foster inclusivity and bring about sustainable performance.

Efion’s Integrative Methodology

On one hand are new understandings required to create a better future, and on the other are the lived, structural realities of people constituting the continually evolving present. It is our core belief that effective, sustainable and equitable change only happens when the two are intertwined at a variety of levels and dimensions. This is the focus of Efion’s Integrative Methodology which has its foundations in systems theory, cybernetics, social psychology and theories of wellbeing.

Complexity awareness Appreciate complexity of a situation, systems ‘at play’, opportunities, threats, risks, imperatives and network effects of actions for better policymaking. Remove decision paralysis originating in lack of the right information and perspectives.
People synergy & welfare Increase alignment between individuals, teams and groups by addressing interpersonal and cultural barriers. Identify structural improvements required for sustainable relationships that display healthy power balances and requisite stakeholder capacities.
Structural improvement Develop structural blueprints through diagnostic and participatory methods. Stimulate team and organizational learning towards adaptiveness and responsiveness.
Systems transformation Benefit from a program-managed approach to complete systems transformation.

We help non-profits, civil society and social purpose organizations with:

  • Performance management
  • Accountability and audit frameworks
  • Governance methodology
  • Non-profit innovation models
  • Non-profit ecosystems, platforms and networks
  • Impact analysis through systems models

We help governmental organizations with:

  • Organizational design
  • Methodology for stakeholder inclusion
  • Capacity development process
  • Policy process
  • Impact analysis through systems models
  • Technology adoption frameworks
  • Accountability and audit frameworks
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